Soils & Aggregate Testing

Benchmark Geotechnical provide the following testing services

♦ Compaction Control & Testing – Standard and Modified methods

♦ Level 1 and Level 2 Site Supervision

♦ Plasticity Index

♦ Shrink Swell Classifications

♦ California Bearing Ratio – CBR

♦ Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test (DCP)

♦ Permeabilities

♦ Sieve analysis

♦ Sampling for Quarries

Our NATA accredited testing list is available on the NATA website. We have the ability to run our laboratory around the clock 24×7 and setup a laboratory on site to ensure quick servicing on your project.

Benchmark Geotechnical

Benchmark Geotechnical provides a quality-focused service in a timely fashion that enhances and brings value to the Clients and projects we work on. We assist to build trust in the products of work delivered by our Clients, and ensure they remain at the forefront of the industries in which they operate.
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